For all members of the BBA, UK residents in Morocco (especially in Marrakech) and anyone else who prefers to communicate in English rather than French, we started a WhatsApp group, Covid-19 Marrakech, last Sunday 15 March. 

Our purpose is to provide support and exchange information of pratical use to Anglophone Expat residents in Morocco.

The rules of the group are quite strict. It is not a forum for expressing opinions, discussion, complaints, amusing videos or general Coronavirus news articles from around the world or even opinion pieces in the UK press about the situation here in Morocco. We only want factual actionable advice and information posts in the group. If you do post something that the administrators think is not relevant we will politely ask you to delete it. Repeat offenders will be expelled from the group.

We are not against the sharing of opinions etc but we feel very strongly that this is not what this particular group is for. Anything that is not relevant to the purposes of this group Covid-19 Marrakech can be shared privately or in another group.

If you would like to join this group then please send me a WhatsApp to my personal number +212661216880

My best regards and wishes for you all to stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.

Alan Keohane
Chairman British Business Association Morocco.


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